KARIZMA owner kicks out Emmery & JR from Group

Note from KARIZMA owner RENE. Read Below

From Karizma Management & Investors
Rene Devis, Osse Petit Frere, Jean Richard Alexis

To: Emmery Etienne & Jean Napoleon


Sub: Termination

As per the conditions of our business contract, please allow this letter to serve as a termination of the contract signed on August 20, 2015.

We wanted you to know that we greatly appreciate your dedicated service for the past few years within Karizma. Management and the principal investors have attempted to salvage the relationship, but it was not possible. But despite all the meetings and fair chances to mend ways, there has been no change in your habit and attitudes in creating a detrimental and unprofessional environment inside Karizma. Your termination comes to effect on April 30th 2017. As stated in the contract, all pictures and equipment purchased by Rene Devis and management shall not be used without permission.

Karizma’s musical library is legally registered with ASCAP and SACEM in accordance with the legal guidelines as to the producers, composers, and financial investors and shall not be used without permission.

Thank you for your association with Karizma. We wish you luck for your future projects.

Yours sincerely,

Rene Devis
General Manager & Owner
Osse J Petit Frere, Investor staff management
Jean Richard Alexis , Investor/staff management

Edited by: Dimitry Virgile

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